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Colombia Hacienda Misiones Moka

100 % Arabica


Content: 1 Pa

Region: Cundinamarca Cooperative: Misiones Altitude: 1.600 – 1.800 m Species: 100 % Arabica Variety: Moka Processing: washed Taste: slightly citric with notes of grapefruit; sweet, piquant and peppery



Product number: EP-D-SP-CO-HMM-125-BO

Good on the palate and good to the farmers

As soon as you open the package, a fine, sweet scent wafts out. It doesn’t take a connoisseur to know that what you are holding is a top-tier coffee. One sip leaves no room for doubt, filling your mouth with an exciting mix of light citrus grapefruit notes and spicy-peppery nuances. This is a cup you can enjoy in every respect, because we import the green coffee directly from the Finca Misiones, so that the workers who grow and harvest it receive a fair wage. But there’s more: part of the proceeds are used to finance eco-social projects, including the schooling of the farmers’ children and the sustainable cultivation of the land. Misiones Moka grows under optimal geographical and climatic conditions on volcanic soils in the south of Bogotá, where the coffee cherries are harvested and processed manually with great care and diligence, before developing its full aroma thanks to the gentle, slow roasting process at our facilities.
Mahlgrad: coffee beans
Weight: 125
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