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Costa Rica Tarrazù SHB EP

100 % Arabica


Content: 1 Pa

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Region: Tarrazù Cooperative: Cafè de Altura de San Ramon Especial S.A. Altitude: 1.200 – 1.700 m Species: 100 % Arabica Processing: washed Taste: full-bodied, sweet and chocolatey, with fine acidity



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Product number: EP-D-SP-CORI-TA-250-BO

A sweet highlander from the Caribbean

Another speciality coffee from the Caribbean that stands out with its expressive body and refined taste. Tarrazú is a versatile coffee, excellent as a filter coffee and equally enjoyable if prepared with a moka pot or French press. Its Arabica beans come from the Tarrazú highlands, on the west coast of Costa Rica, where the mineral-rich soils and the proximity to the Pacific Ocean offer the ideal conditions for growing coffee. This gourmet coffee has sweet, vibrant chocolaty notes that melt in your mouth! Fun fact: In Costa Rica, the cultivation of Robusta coffee is prohibited by law.
Coffee selection: Single-country coffees
Plant: Arabica
Select grinding grade: coffee beans
Taste: Mild, nutty, chocolaty
Weight (g): 250
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