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Only the best beans

Selected green coffee beans from all over the world are fed into our cutting-edge drum roaster. After a long, gentle roasting process, the coffees are packaged into aroma-sealing bags. Coffee lovers can choose from an amazing selection in which rare single-variety Microlots rub shoulders with fine Arabica blends that feature splendidly on breakfast tables. We also have exquisite filter and espresso coffees for the catering industry.


Fragrant beginnings

Caroma was established in 1995 by Valentin Hofer – roasting master and Italy’s first coffee sommelier. The coffee roastery in Fiè allo Sciliar, which Valentin manages together with his wife Irmi, has gained an excellent reputation, and its premium single-origin speciality coffees have earned their place on the international market. The training courses offered by the company also enjoy popularity among both professionals and interested amateurs. With the inauguration of the open-view roastery and the Coffeeseum in 2018, Valentin’s dream has come true.

Bevor der Rohkaffee in den Trommelröster wandert, durchläuft er mehrere Qualitätskontrollen

Fair play

All the green beans that are roasted at Caroma have undergone strict checks and are required to be, as far as possible, fully traceable. We give precedence to direct trade with local growers, because we think it’s important that they are paid fairly for their work. This is also the reason why we are involved in several projects in coffee-growing countries. But we do our best here in Fiè too, for instance by using resources responsibly. Our state-of-the-art roasting machines run on green energy, with very limited CO2 emissions. Additionally, the hot air resulting from the roasting process is recycled. As a company, we embrace our environmental and social responsibility and strive to do our best for climate protection.


Valentin Hofer, the coffee missionary

Valentin Hofer has earned himself a reputation as a COFFEE MISSIONARY well beyond South Tyrol. What started out as a small concern on the ground floor of an industrial building has now grown into the faceted reality of today’s open-view roastery and Coffeeseum. The beginnings, however, were far from easy. Without industry knowledge or mentors to rely on, young Valentin had to invest a lot in education and training. But this boy from a modest background had grit and graft. Course after course, he built up impressive knowledge of the pick-me-up brew par excellence. And with knowledge came passion. After becoming Italy’s first coffee sommelier, Valentin earned a Coffee Diploma and his qualification as an SCA Trainer. He is happy to share his knowledge and passion through the seminars and SCA courses offered at the training centre on the top floor of the roastery.


A good team

Valentin and Irmi share their love of coffee. In the background is the Coffeeseum coffee garden.


A well-rehearsed team

Valentin and Irmi share a passion for coffee; in the background, the coffee garden at the Coffeeseum.


The coffee crew

The Caroma team in the coffee shop: a blend of coffee expertise and humour

Watch us at work!

Visit the Caroma premises and take a peek at our open-view roastery. If you book a tour of the Coffeeseum and a taster course, you’re in for an exciting 2-hour programme.