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Milk jug
Colour: inox | Filling quantity: 90 ml | Weight (g): 53


Select grinding grade: coffee beans | Weight (g): 250
Born of passion and care | For this indulgent blend, we have used choice beans from the best coffee-growing regions in six different countries: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil and India. The coffees from Brazil and India give Cora its full body, while the beans from Costa Rica, Guatemala and Ethiopia are processed wet to convey its slightly fruity notes. We have selected and blended all these coffees with the utmost care. With its well-structured body and long-lasting aftertaste, Cora is a pleasure you can enjoy at any time of day, and one of the most successful espresso blends in our range.


Tamper Base Flat
Diametro: 50 | Weight (g): 100


Kenya Microlot Thika
Select grinding grade: coffee beans | Weight (g): 250
A rarity with a zesty character | If you love African coffees, Microlot Thika is something you want to try! With its fruity, citrusy flavours, this speciality makes for an enjoyable, well-balanced cup. The beans for this coffee come from one single farm, the Muiri Coffee Estate in Kenya. It received the organic certification in 2008, and is the only such farm in Kenya, making it extra special. The Muiri Coffee Estate lies at an elevation of 1,530 metres, 42 km north-east of the capital city, Nairobi. The remarkable SCA score of 85+ confirms the premium quality of this coffee. So, there’s nothing for it but to open, brew and enjoy!


Frenchpress Bodum Chambord
Colour: inox | Filling quantity: 350 ml | Filling quantity: 0,35 ml | Weight (g): 400


Espresso Bio
Select grinding grade: coffee beans | Weight (g): 250
Fair, organic, simply delightful | If you are looking for a mild, sweet espresso, you should try this fine 100% Arabica blend. All our green coffees are organically grown and fairly traded, and we are directly involved in their import, so we know the origin of them all. The fine, mild, slightly fruity notes resulting from a complex wet processing, coupled with a fine, noble body and a pleasant, long-lasting aftertaste create an unforgettable sensory experience.


Select grinding grade: coffee beans | Weight (g): 250
An espresso with character | The scent of almonds and dark chocolate lingers in the air when this blend runs through the espresso machine. Then its beautiful crema, full body and long-lasting aftertaste round off an indulgent experience. The green coffees for this excellent espresso blend come from coffee-growing areas in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and India. Our tip: Sara is an excellent basis for cappuccino and latte macchiato.


Rwanda Bugoyi Washing Station
A delicacy from Rwanda | Honey, peach, almond and caramel notes combine to fill the mouth and delight the palate with an elegant harmony of flavours. A fantastic sensorial experience confirmed by an excellent SCA score. These outstanding Red Bourbon coffee beans come from the Bugoyi Washing Station, which is run by Emanuel Rusatira and his family on the shores of Lake Kiwu. They are brought there as cherries by the local farmers, most of them women. Rusatira loves to experiment with different fermentation techniques. This specific, limited-edition lot was produced by honey/anaerobic fermentation, though a multi-step process: 40% of the beans were left to ferment for 12 hours, 40% for 24 hours and 20% for 48 hours, giving this refined premium filter coffee its sweet, fruity profile.


Caroma cup Cappuccino 'Favorita' with plate
Colour: Caroma Logo | Weight (g): 470


Hario Cold Brew Pot
Colour: braun | Filling quantity: 600 ml | Filling quantity: 600 ml | Weight (g): 500