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Kaffeekurse im Schulungszentrum direkt über der Rösterei
Caroma Latte Art Kurs
SCA Barista Foundation / Latte Art

With this course, you will learn how to create milk foam designs on cappuccinos and macchiatos and how to use coffee machines. At the same time, you will acquire coffee knowledge and collect points for your Coffee Diploma.

SCA Kurs Introduction to Coffee & SCA Barista Intermediate
Introduction to Coffee & SCA Barista Intermediate

This course will teach advanced students all there is to know about coffee and working with coffee machines. After the exam, successful candidates are also awarded points for the Coffee Diploma.

SCA Barista Professional Kurs in der Kaffee-Schaurösterei Caroma in Völs am Schlern
SCA Barista Professional

For the pros: let’s get down to business! This seminar will turn you into the ultimate barista specialist and earn you precious points for your Coffee Diploma.

SCA Coffee Brewing Kurs in der Kaffeerösterei in Völs am Schlern
SCA Coffee Brewing

Moka pot, V60, French press, Aeropress… after this seminar, you will know all the different coffee preparation methods like the back of your hand. The points for the Coffee Diploma won’t hurt, either…

Sca Coffee Sensory
SCA Coffee Sensory

Train your sense of taste and smell: with this course, you will learn to name aromas and tell good coffee from bad.

Home Barista Kurs in der Kaffeerösterei Caroma
Home Barista

The quality of a professionally prepared coffee, in the comfort of your home. Learn all there is to know in a friendly, homely atmosphere and prepare to amaze your guests.

Röstereibesichtigung mit Coffeeseum-Besuch
Visit the Coffeeseum

A full immersion into the world of coffee – take a guided tour of our roastery and the Coffeeseum to experience the world’s most popular beverage with all your senses.

SCA Coffee Diploma

With the Sca Coffee Diploma, you secure an internationally recognised certificate and gain important expertise to stay one step ahead of your competitors.