Visit the roastery and Coffeeseum Book a guided group tour: +39 0471 725 651.

Coffee of the month

Every month, our master roasters select a new coffee from our range of rarities as the coffee of the month. You can get it at an interesting tasting price! Discover the current coffee of the month now:


Coffee shop – a must for the connoisseur

Ethiopia, Mexico, Honduras, Peru… From the dark wooden shelves, rare coffee specialities beckon in all their exotic appeal. Valentin opens the chute, and the beans rustle down into the package. A tantalising aroma is lingering in the air. Visit our shop in Fiè to choose from a fine selection of premium coffees, including rare single-origin Microlots, fine Arabicas and fair-trade coffees from sustainable farming.


SCA courses Training

When tasting coffee, how can you tell good from mediocre? Attend one of our SCA-certified courses and gain precious knowledge delivered by real pros.

Just your cup of… coffee

Are you looking for a speciality single-origin coffee, a fine filter blend for your everyday cup or a good espresso with fruity notes? We have something for every coffee lover… Click and order from the comfort of your home.

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Coffee treasures

We are always on the lookout for special green coffee beans. Once the beans have passed all our quality checks, our roasting master’s fine-tuned skills come into play – because each type of coffee needs a different kind of roasting. So, he works meticulously until the precious beans have relinquished every last subtle flavour note.


Coffeeseum: A tour for all coffee enthusiasts

Come with us and experience the journey of a coffee bean from the equator to the espresso cup. Watch our roasting masters at work and learn about rare and speciality coffees from all over the world. Tour sights include what is probably the world’s largest collection of coffee grinders, a real indoor garden with coffee plants and more. Book now – we look forward to your visit!


Take a peek in our open-view roastery!

An enticing scent lingers over the industrial zone of Fiè allo Sciliar… It comes from the modern Caroma building. Step inside, and you will find yourself in the coffee shop. A staircase leads to the gallery, from where you have a perfect overview of the new roastery and its cutting-edge drum roasting machine.


The coffee shop – a slice of paradise

The coffee shop on the ground floor of the Caroma building has a wide selection of specialities, including rare single-origin coffees, premium Arabica blends and fair-trade coffees from organic farming.

Training for baristas, high-school students and coffee enthusiasts

At our training centre, on the top floor of the roastery, we offer workshops and training courses for professionals from the catering and beverage industry. Our experienced, SCA-certified trainers share all their tricks of the trade to help you develop in your career.

We also offer exciting seminars, coffee cupping courses and roastery tours for anyone who is interested.