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Tea Cascara


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Product number: HW-TE-KK-CASCARA-BIO

A coffee for tea lovers

What makes Cascara so special is that a single cup of it contains six to eight times more caffeine than a cup of any other coffee. Cascara is brewed from the dried husks of coffee cherries, which contain more caffeine than the beans. After the harvested beans are de-pulped, the remainder – namely the husks – is dried to be used for what is called “coffee cherry tea”. Originally, the cherry pulp was considered to be merely a by-product of coffee production. In Central and South America, however, Cascara has been used as an infusion for centuries, long before gaining widespread popularity in Europe. Our Cascara comes from organic cultivation in Peru. With its fine fruity notes of pear, rosehip and cherry, it wins over the hearts of even the most inveterate tea drinkers. The perfect pick-me-up at breakfast or after lunch, Cascara is particularly refreshing when enjoyed as a cold brew in summer. Try it and discover its invigorating effects.