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Kaffee Pad-Maschine mit Caroma Kaffee Pads fürs Büro

Caffeinated motivational boost for the office

We also deliver our fine Caroma coffee directly to your office. We will be happy to advise you on your choice of coffee and together we will find the most suitable coffee machine. We have the right complete solution for every office situation. For a tasty energy kick at work: simple, fast and convenient. Try it!


Kaffee wie in der Lieblingsbar

Coffee as a benefit. 3 good reasons for Caroma coffee.

Coffee roaster Caroma – Premium coffee from the drum roaster for the coffee kitchen and the company restaurant.

More and more companies in South Tyrol are offering their employees high-quality coffee as a beverage benefit. The advantages: The benefit is easy to implement. Good coffee is performance-enhancing and wholesome. And – coffee is very popular with the majority of the workforce. Fully automatic coffee machines have now established themselves in companies as a quick and practical solution. At the touch of a button, they conjure up coffee drinks ranging from espresso to latte macchiato. The Caroma coffee roasting company roasts coffees in premium quality and offers 4 coffee blends that are adapted to preparation in fully automatic machines and achieve excellent taste results.


The roastery from Fiè allo Sciliar relies on first-class green coffee beans and gentle long-term roasting. Companies appreciate Caroma coffees: firstly, because they are in the top league in terms of taste throughout Italy. Secondly, because they are very well tolerated. And thirdly, the Caroma team always provides the necessary supplies and good service.

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Coffee enjoyment: practical and simple with coffee pods

Coffee pods are an ideal solution for enjoying coffee at work. Simply place them in the machine, press the button and you have freshly brewed coffee in no time. The dosage is already perfectly adjusted and the pods can be composted. Cleaning the machine is also quick: leaving more time for productive work and yet no one has to miss out on the pleasure of quality coffee. Whether in a meeting, during work or during a break – coffee pads are a practical solution for small and larger companies.

New: loosely packed to 25 pieces!

Fully automatic machine

… quickly and easily prepare a high quality coffee without the need for special barista skills.


Caroma Coffee

… locally roasted in the artisanal state-of-the-art drum roasting process for mild coffee enjoyment. On request also in organic quality!



New: loosely packed to 25 pieces. Our coffee pods are biodegradable and can be disposed of in the compost.